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Italian Soups

Italian Soups


Bread Soup – a simple soup that warms body and soul. This was a soup that my Little Nonna made often so I get to think of her as it simmers on the stove.   1 LB YUKON GOLD…

Italian Soups

The Bolognese Soup

There’s a chill in the air but soups on the menu! METHOD: 4 Tbs Butter – unsalted 1/3 Cup Semolina Four – plus some for dusting 4 Large Eggs 2 Cups Grana Padano Cheese – freshly grated 6 Slices…

Italian Soups

The Tuscan Rice Minestrone

A soup for all seasons! INGREDIENTS: ½ CUP EXTRAVIRGIN OLIVE OIL 1 LARGE POTATO – cut into small cubes 1 ONION – red or white, chopped 1/3 CUP BARLEY – quick cooking 3 GARLIC CLOVES – chopped 1 CUP…

Italian Soups Special Recipe

Mushroom Sherry Soup

(Use vegetable broth and you have a Lenten meal)    INGREDIENTS: 4 Tbs Butter – unsalted 3 Garlic Cloves – chopped 3 Onions – thinly sliced                                                                1 Lb Mixed Mushrooms – sliced 3 ½ Oz Fresh Porcini – sliced…

Featured Italian Soups

How to make Corn Chowder

The Corn Chowder. Delicious to make when fresh corn is in season.   SERVING: Serves 6  INGREDIENTS: 2 tb. butter 1 lb. red or small potatoes – cubed 3 cups chicken broth 2 green onions – thinly sliced Freshly…

Italian Soups Special Recipe

How to make Minestra

Minestra or Zuppa are just a few ways of saying soup in Italian. On a rainy or dismal day there is nothing more comforting that having a nice bowl of soup to enjoy.  Although Minestra (which comes from the…