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The word “boscaiola” in Italian means woodsman or woodcutter.   This recipe, Pollo alla Boscaiola is based on the most traditional thing hunted for in the woods; mushrooms. So this recipe is based on mushrooms.   Most boscaiola recipes…

Featured Italian Dessert

How to MAKE Pudding Chomeur

“If you crossed sticky toffee pudding with pancakes and maple syrup, you would get Chomeur, a buttery biscuit submerged in a bath of maple syrup and cream.”, a comment from Food 52 Editors. Pudding Chomeur takes no time to…

Featured Italian Dinner

Parmesan Chicken Casserole

Everyone needs a quick and easy go-to meal for those busy days and this is mine. Ingredients: 6 boneless – skinless chicken breasts–pounded slightly and sliced on the diagonal and cut into bite size pieces 1 cup mayonnaise 1…

Featured Italian Bread


There is something about working with yeast that, for me, is both intimidating and satisfying. Sometimes I just stare at the finished product in amazement. For my husband, working with yeast is never a problem but for me it…


CROCCHETTE di MELANZINE (Eggplant Croquettes)

Every year my husband plants a small garden. However once things start to ripen it’s a battle to get to them before the rabbits and squirrels. Fortunately, we have a local farm stand, “Nells” where we can get what…