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The Amazing ANDIAMO

Come with me for an amazing story about Sassi It is written that Basilicata Is remote and one of the poorest regions in Italy. For the most part it is underdeveloped and therefore not often visited. The consequence of…


A Very Special Day for All Mothers

Mothers come in all shapes, sizes and disguises. We don’t get to choose our mother and sometimes, we have to make do the best we can with what we get. However, we are even blessed that we are surrounded…


A Joyous Easter and Passover to Everyone!

Dear Friends, My family and I take this time to send you all springtime greetings.   For those who are in the midst of celebrating Passover, Shalom!  We wish you many joys and blessings at Passover. May You rejoice…


Easter in Italy: This is what it’s like!

With the Coronavirus still playing a little havoc in Italy, it is difficult to know just what to expect this Easter. But for sure, Italians will find a way to celebrate it because this is a sacred holiday shared…


Welcome to April: how we celebrate!

Here we are ready, to begin April! While we were busy celebrating the arrival of Spring on March 21st, we also celebrated the Feast Days of St. Patrick and St. Joseph with much preparation of foods and rituals. Right…

traditional table st. joseph

How the Feast Day of St. Joseph is Celebrated

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day is finally over. Now, we must wait another year for corned beef, cabbage, green beer and shamrock-shaped cookies. But while the Irish saint’s day has passed, today marks another saint’s day that is celebrated…


St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in Italy

While many of us associate St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with green beer, Irish music, corned beef and cabbage here in the United States, it is fun to know that this day is also celebrated in Italy. Expats from Ireland…


How our family enjoy Sunday

One of the nicest things about Sundays is that we get to relax and enjoy family time.  Even though for the most part we all work in different places and time, it is still gratifying to get together on…


Growing Up in Two Worlds

  Me growing up in two worlds. I’m sure all of us have very memorable experiences back to our childhood days. I am sharing you one of my nostalgic memories when I was a little girl and I even…