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Italian Dinner Special Recipe

How to make Potato Pudding

The Potato Pudding. This is great addition to any meal and perfect for a company dish.Sometimes you just need another quick dish to compliment a meal. INGREDIENTS: ½ cup vegetable oil or duck fat 1 large onion – app.…

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How to make Onion and Pork Pasta

Pasta di Cipolli e Maiale  Such a simple sauce but so full of flavor. Onions are an indispensable part of Italian recipes. The humble onion saved many recipes from grim ennui!   INGREDIENTS:   1 ½ LBS PORK LOIN…

Featured Italian Dinner

How to make Sausage Paella

The Sausage Paella or Paella di Salsiccia  Although we think of paella as traditionally being a Spanish dish, we know through history that as one culture conquered or traded with another, these culinary lines were crossed. Rice became popular…