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Spaetzle is a type of Central European egg noodles often served
as a side for meat dishes or dishes that have a sauce or gravy.




½ TSP NUTMEG – freshly ground

3 TBS BUTTER – softened


SALT – to taste

1 TB BASIL or PARSLEY – chopped


This is best done with a slightly sprayed spaetzle maker.

Bring a large pot of salted water (or broth if you prefer) to a boil over high heat.

Meanwhile combine the flour, salt, and nutmeg in a medium bowl. Beat eggs and water together in another bowl and add to the flour mixture beating with a wooden spoon until the batter is elastic and is forming small bubbles. This will take several minutes – 5 or 6 possibly. Batter should be able to fall from the spoon in long strands.  If it can’t, then whisk in 1 more tablespoon of water at a time until you have the right consistency.

Fill the spaetzle maker with a good amount of the batter and while holding it a few inches above the boiling water, slide the spaetzle cup slowly back and forth letting the dough fall through the holes and into the boiling water, in 2-inch strands. The faster you slide the batter filled cup the shorter the strands will be. Continue until all the batter is used. Cook constantly stirring for about 3-4 minutes to keep the noodles moving around. If you don’t, you will likely end up with one big ball of dough.

When the spaetzle are floating on top and are cooked to your taste, carefully remove them with a spider or a large mesh strainer, shaking gently to remove the excess water. Transfer to a bowl, toss with warm butter, taste for salt and pepper and garnish with basil or parsley to serve.

NOTE: I find that it helps to have a second person handy to stir while I slide the cup back and forth and then refill the cup with more batter. As soon as you have finished with the spaetzle maker soak it in hot soapy water which will make it a lot easier to clean. Otherwise, the batter might adhere like glue! I have also seen this done without a spaetzle maker by pouring the batter into a funnel and as it slithers out above the water it is cut with scissors at the desired length.



A easy dish for unexpected company.


1 ¾ LBS CHICKEN – your favorite pieces


6 TB BUTTER – unsalted

2 EGG YOLKS – lighten beaten

1 ONION – medium, chopped

1 LEMON – juice only

SALT AND PEPPER – to taste


Melt butter in a heavy pan, add onion and cook over low heat until slightly soft.

Add chicken and continue cooking slowly making sure that the pan doesn’t get too dry and the onions get too brown. Add a bit more butter, if necessary.

When chicken is almost done (depends on thickness of pieces) pour the heavy cream over all and let it bubble for about 8 -10 minutes. Remove the chicken to a covered dish to keep warm.

Whisk in the egg yolks and continue beating while adding the lemon juice. Let it cook slowly until thickened, whisking often.

Taste for salt and pepper and at this point you can either strain the sauce through a sieve to make sure it is lump free and then return back to the pan or use the cream mixture as is. Add the chicken back to the pan and let it heat through before serving.

NOTE: you can add ½-3/4 cup sliced mushrooms to the pan after the onions have cooked for a short while. This works well served over rice or spaetzle or mashed potatoes.




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