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Mangia Magna!

Italian Dessert

How to make Almond Brownies

The simply sweet Almond Brownies. Whether if it’s Merenda, Spontino or an afterdinner dessert, this quick and easy sweet never fails to satisfy. INGREDIENTS: ¾ cup butter 2 cups sugar Pinch of salt 2 tsp almond extract Sugar 4…

Italian Dinner Special Recipe

How to make Potato Pudding

The Potato Pudding. This is great addition to any meal and perfect for a company dish.Sometimes you just need another quick dish to compliment a meal. INGREDIENTS: ½ cup vegetable oil or duck fat 1 large onion – app.…

Featured Italian Dinner

How to make Onion and Pork Pasta

Pasta di Cipolli e Maiale  Such a simple sauce but so full of flavor. Onions are an indispensable part of Italian recipes. The humble onion saved many recipes from grim ennui!   INGREDIENTS:   1 ½ LBS PORK LOIN…

Featured Italian Dessert

How to make Bananas Foster

The Bananas Foster. If you ever have the opportunity to enjoy this dessert in New Orleans it most likely will be served flambéed at your table.    SERVING: Serves 4 INGREDIENTS: 1 packed cup (3 oz) dark brow sugar…