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Top 10 Italian Proverbs and Idioms

Proverbs and sayings have always been part of the Italian linguistic culture, and are used by the overwhelming majority of the population even during everyday conversations.

Proverbs are much more used by the elderly, with almost total absence in the language used by the younger generations, who make instead large use idioms.

Some of these are true expressions, untranslatable in other languages ​​and used to reinforce a concept, to define an image or a situation and to create analogies that favor the understanding of the phrase that is about to be said.


The Italian language, incredibly rich and multifaceted in its terminology, is also a riot of maxims and idioms.
Some of these are particularly interesting and are fully part of the everyday spoken language.
Others, more particular and tied to specific occasions, are only used when necessary. But which are the 10 most famous Italian proverbs and sa
Let’s find out together.

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