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The Italian Town Where No One Dies (Until They’re Older Than 100)

There’s a town in the southwest of Italy called Acciaroli.

It has a population of about 2,000, and an unusually large number of them are over the age of 100.

On top of this, very few suffer from heart disease or Alzheimer’s.

If you were to sum the place up with a snappy turn of phrase, you’d describe it as ‘The Town Where No One Dies’.

In an effort to find out why everyone in Acciaroli lives so long, doctors from the San Diego School of Medicine are teaming up with Italian medical professionals to conduct a study on the town’s locals.

Dr Alan Maisel, who’s working on the research, said, “The goal of this long-term study is to find out why this group of 300 is living so long by conducting a full genetic analysis and examining lifestyle behaviours, like diet and exercise.”

The study will run a series of tests to determine the overall health of 300 townspeople.

The tests will measure their risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, kidney disease and cancer.

Most doctors involved in the study reckon their long lives can be put down to a diet of fish, olive oil, and all those other food groups they mention in every margarine ad ever made.



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