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1. Baia delle Zagare – Puglia

With white cliffs overhanging the sea, and impossibly clear blue water, it’s no wonder this beach is award-winning. The coastline water ranges in shades from blue to turquoise, to emerald.

There’s three beaches in the bay; one can be reached through a path, another is only for hotel guests of Hotel Baia delle Zagare, and the last can be reached only from sea.

Baia delle Zagare

2. Monterosso Al Mare – Cinque Terre

The largest of the five coastal towns that make up the famous Cinque Terre region, Monterosso’s beach has beautiful reefs and crystal clear waters. It does get crowded during peak summer-time, but lounging underneath an umbrella here is worth the busyness.


Monterosso Al Mare

3. Mondello Beach – Sicily

You can’t come to Sicily and not make your way to one of the relaxing beaches. At Mondello Beach, you’ll find a long stretch of beach with a wide array of bars, restaurants, and rental places for sun chairs and water-sports equipment.


Mondello Beach Palermo

4. Fiordo di Furore – Amalfi Coast

You’ll have the best views of this beautiful ‘fjord’ from the arching high bridge, which is popular with cliff divers.

The path to the beach is closed to the public due to rockfall, so you can only access it via boat. If you do want to drive just take note you’ll have the view, but you won’t be able to get onto the beach.

Image: Zayn Kahn

5. Cala Rossa – Sicily

Not only is Cala Rossa one of the best beaches in Italy, it’s quite simply one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The water when the sun shines is the most fantastic shade of aquamarine blue. Absolute bliss.

best beaches Italy
Image: @alessiogio1985/Instagram

6. Sella del Diavolo – Sardinia

The ‘Devil’s Saddle’ is is a tiny beach away from the masses of tourists that will involve a 30 minute trek to get to – unless you have a boat, that is. Totally worth it though, and the perfect place to spend an afternoon in total peace.

best beaches Italy
Image: @darioportamialmare/Instagram

7. Chia – Sardinia

Some of the whitest sand and clearest water you’ll ever see is on this beach, which is just a short drive from the capital Cagliari.

Get here early though, because it does get busy in the summer months.

best beaches Italy


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