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TEORA: This Italian Town Will Pay Your Rent

It’s been about two minutes since the last “poor village in Italy tries to entice people to move there”-type story, but here’s another one; this time with a slight twist.

The market for depressed, picturesque towns may be a bit saturated these days, but the good folk in Teora are hoping to change minds with some simple enticements.

One – they are not offering some dilapidated ruin for €1. All the houses on offer are in good condition and don’t require expensive renovation work, reports CNN Travel.

Two – they want to encourage people to actually stay and live in the town, rather than have you flog off your do-over as a holiday home.

Three – they want to pay your rent.

The deal is this; you will get €150  per month for two years, which goes towards the cost of your rent.

With the average rent at €200, it means participants would pay just €50 a month. If you want to buy a property, you’ll get €5000. With houses for sale at €30,000, it means you have to pay just €25,000.

There is, naturally, a catch. You must live in the town for three years, and you need to have at least one child.

“I don’t believe in selling empty houses for €1, that doesn’t incentivise people to stay in town,” the town’s mayor, Stefano Farina, told CNN Travel.

“They just come a few months a year as holidaymakers. That’s not the solution. But taking up residency and enrolling kids at the local school, that does breathe new life.”

The town also said it will waive school meal fees and local taxes for local services.

So what’s in Teora?

The small town is in the Campania region and is surrounded by a hilly, green landscape.

It was badly damaged in an earthquake in 1980, however, many historic features have survived.

An amphitheatre, fountains, and an ancient church with an open-air altar are still intact.

If you are interested in the move, you can email

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