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nutella bread recipe
Italian Dessert


It's great for a snack but it's especially good for breakfast with a cappuccino.   I keep it sitting on the kitchen island, in a glass domed cake stand, and it looks so pretty.  …

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The Sweetest Story of an Italian Cream: Nutella

The story of the most famous spreadable chocolate cream began in 1946. Nutella, in fact, is the result of an intuition of a Piedmontese pastry chef Pietro Ferrero, who created a sweet paste obtained by combining hazelnuts, sugar and…

Italian Dessert

How to make Italian Recipe: Nutellamisu

The famous nutellamisu. If you like Tiramisù but instead of being tiramisu-flavored it will clobber you over the head with the great taste of hazelnut.     There are three main parts:  Filling  Soaked cookies  Interlayer topping Filling 1…