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How to make Eggplant Balls

Here is the Eggplant balls or Polpette Di Melanzane. If you like eggplants, this is amazing recipe for you! It’s a good way to avoid wasting food.   SERVING: MAKES: 40 eggplants balls   PREP TIME: 20 minutes  …

Italian Meat Recipes

How to make Meatballs (Calabria-Style)

Grandma’s calabria-style meatballs. This is Calabrian version of famous Italian Meatballs recipe……YUMMY!!!     INGREDIENTS 1 lb of Pork, veal and beef 1 clove of garlic chopped or minced fine 1 or 2 eggs …..mixed into meat 1 cup…

Italian Meat Recipes

How to make Polpette della nonna

Polpette della nonna -my Grandmother Meatballs recipe. Italians in Italy really don’t do the whole “spaghetti and meatballs” thing–and if they do, the meatball is huge and served as a second dish after the pasta.    INGREDIENTS: 1/2 lb…