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Italian Cake's


Italian sponge cake or Pan di Spagna is the most popular type of cake in Italy. This sponge-like cake serves as a foundation for many elaborate desserts, such as cassata and zuppa inglese. Italians also serve the cake plain…

Italian Breakfast Italian Cake's

How to make Italian Ciambellone Cake

One of the most classic and famous italian cake. RECIPE FROM: Ingredients: 3 eggs 300 grams sugar (it should be 1 1/5 cups) 300 grams of whole purpose flour (it should be 2 1/2 cups) 1 tablespoon of…

Italian Cake's

How To Make Delicious “Italian APPLE PIE”

Italian apple pie, a delicious cake from Tuscany! RECIPE FROM: INGREDIENTS: 4 eggs, separated 2 lbs Golden Delicious apples, peeled and sliced (about 6 apples) juice of 1 small lemon 1/4 cup Calvados** 1 cup sugar 12 Tbsp…

Italian Pastries

CHIACCHIERE: Italian Carnival Ribbon Cookies

Chiacchiere (literal translation: “little gossips”) are thin fried pastries common in Italy during Carnevale.  They are called Chiacchiere due to the noise and crunch made while eating the crisp dough. While they go by this name in Sicily, they…