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Italian Bread

LIBUM: The Bread of Ancient Rome

better an ancient Roman cheesecake recipe usually dedicated to Jupiter by spouses during their wedding celebration, or more often offered to the gods as a libation in occasion of sacrifices. …

Italian Bread

How to make Italian Olive bread

Here is a recipe for Italian Olive Bread that you can make in your bread machine. Just place all of the ingredients in bread machine pan and let the machine do the rest.…

Italian Bread

How to make a soft and crusty bread

The Italian soft and crusty bread recipe. What follows are two Italian bread recipes. The difference is in how they are baked. The first is baked in a conventional way producing a bread with a soft crust. The second…

Italian Bread

How to make an authentic everyday bread

Grandma’s authentic everyday bread. This is the sort of bread you crave when you need comfort. Not too airy, and certainly not dense, it has a moist crumb, pleasantly sweet taste of wheat, and a thin, crackling crust. The…

Italian Bread

How to make Italian bread dough

The Italian bread dough. Bread is probably the most common food in the world and is certainly a main stable in Italy. Here is a basic bread recipe, which can be used in your own kitchen to make fragrant…

Italian Bread

How to make Altamura Bread

Today I’m featuring Altamura Bread.  I really like breads made with semolina flour and this bread is no exception. Semolina flour feels gritty when dry, but doughs made with this flour become smooth and silky and very easy to…