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Autumn has arrived and finally we can find one of my favourite ingredients of this season: pumpkin.

This is a very versatile ingredient that I use in soups, main courses, side dishes and, of course, desserts.


For the pastry
200gr (0.9cup – 7.2oz) pumpkin pulp

300gr (1.3cup – 10.5oz) flour

150gr (0.7cup – 5.6) sugar

1tsp cinnamon powder

120gr (0.52cup  – 4.2oz) butter

1 egg

For the filling
2 cox apples, small

1 ½ tbs sugar

1tsp cinnamon powder

30gr butter, melted



Slice pumpkin and steam for 15 minutes.
When cooked, smash it with a fork in a bowl and cool down.
Now prepare the pastry and knead flour, sugar, cold butter, diced, cinnamon, pumpikin and egg.
You wil obtain a very smooth pastry, then form a ball, wrap it in a polythene bagand place it in the fridge for at least three hours.
You can also prepare it the day before.
Take the pastry and roll it out on parchment paper lightly floured forming a circle so the width measures 11 inches (28cm) across.
Transfer on a baking sheet.
Peel apples, remove the core and slice them, then arrange the slices on the pastry, one inch from the edge, in circles overlapping each other.
When you arrive toward the centre, place aplle leftovers, diced.
In a small bowl mix together sugar and cinnamon.
Brush sliced apples with melted butter, sprinkle sugar and bake at 190° (375°F) for 40 minutes. 

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