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How to make Nuns’ breasth pastry

nuns' breasth pastry

The nuns’ breasth pastry (tette delle monache). This is a typical pastry from Altamura, in the South of Italy.

The name comes from the fact that these cupcakes remember the breast of a woman.

In this case, this typical dessert was and still is prepared by seclusion nuns.

This sweet is made with “pan di spagna” stuffed with a soft and tasty cream or whipped diplomatic and finally topped with icing sugar.

breasth pastry




  1. Whip the eggs with the sugar until creamy.
  2. Combine the potato starch and the flour and mix gently.
  3. Transfer the mixture into a sac-a-poche and form small balls. Put them into cups.
  4. Bake at 200°C (390°F) for 15 minutes. Prepare the whipped cream.
  5. Once cooked, leave to cool and fill them with cream. You can cut them in half, or make a hole under the cakes and fill them.
  6. Arrange them in the cups and finally sprinkle with icing sugar.
  7. Your nuns’ breasth pastry is now ready to be served!


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