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Husband Gives Wife A Birthday Cake Shaped Like Her Favorite Thing: An Amazon Prime Package

When his wife’s birthday came around, Waylon McGuire had just the perfect gift idea to give his wife.

He ordered a cake shaped like one of her most favorite things- an Amazon package box complete with an edible label and tape!

Emily & Waylon McGuire


Waylon’s wife, Emily McGuire thought the cake was absolutely hilarious, in fact, she actually thought it was a real box at first.

Anyone with a even just a mild Amazon addiction knows that feeling when that brown box arrives on your doorstep.

Emily is quite an avid Amazon buyer, receiving at least 2-3 packages from the giant online retailer per week.


The incredible chocolate cake was created by Sweet Dreams Bakery in North Carolina.

The cake cost about $50, so not a bad price for such a cool cake!

The cake took Trena Norris, the co-owner of Sweet Dreams Bakery, eight hours to complete and is entirely edible, down to the label and tape, which are made of sugar and wafer paper.

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