How to make Real Italian crema pasticcera

The real Italian crema pasticcera recipe (custard or pastry cream). This cream is employed to fill pastries, cakes or pies. In English and Norwegian languages and in the northern part of Europe this cream has been mostly used to fill pie crusts hence the term custard, from crust. In Swedish and Danish it is called creamfyld  or fylld  meaning filling cream, in the rest of the world it is known as what can be translated “bakers’ cream”, crema pasticcera in Italian. While in Sicily we call “milk cream”, crema ri latti, because the main ingredient is milk. The use of this cream is widespread all over the island, and each baker and each housewife makes its own version; in fact this recipe does not have strict parameters, but allows personal touches which most of the time improve the taste. This cream is needed in the preparation of “Zuppa Inglese”, profiteroles, budino al Marsala, crema fritta, torte di crema alla frutta, to name a few desserts where it cannot be substituted. Adding Marsala wine and whipped cream makes a delicious zabaglione cream, or utilizes a rosolio to enhance its flavor to the taste of the liquor used. Many times we served this cream … Continue reading How to make Real Italian crema pasticcera