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What is the history of Boxing Day?

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the custom arose because servants, who would have to wait on their masters on Christmas Day, were allowed to visit their families the next day and employers would give them boxes to take home containing gifts, bonuses and, sometimes, leftover food.

While here in the good ole USA we don’t really celebrate Boxing Day, today happens to be a holiday because Christmas fell on a Sunday this year and that gives us an extra day. However for us the 26th is always a holiday because we will still have family with us and those that live close will come back again so that we can all be together and continue the celebration for as long as we can.

Dinner will be served buffet style as we will put out a variety of things left over from Christmas Day. And along with all of that Charlie will make a few pizzas which is always a hit. Oh! it is sort of a boxing day for us because we have to break down all the packaging and boxes and try to fit it all neatly in our waste containers for pick-up on trash day!

There were 20 of us so there will be a good bit with all the present exchanges.

However you spend today we hope it is a happy one.







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