Italian Sauce

How to make Italian Pizzaiola Sauce

pizzaiola sauce

Here is grandma’s Italian Pizzaiola Sauce best recipe. One of the most famous and classic Italian sauce.



SERVING: For 500 grams (17.63 oz) of sauce


  • 500 g. (17.63 oz) of tomato purée (or fresh tomatoes)
  • A clove of garlic
  • A sprig of parsley
  • Oregano q.b.
  • A chili pepper
  • A generous spoonful of oil
  • Salt  q.b.



  1. Pour the oil into a small pan and brown the garlic clove and the chilli.
  2. Then remove the chilli pepper and add the tomato, salt and oregano.
  3. Cook over moderate heat for about half an hour in a covered container.
  4. When cooked, remove the garlic clove and add the chopped parsley.





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