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In Italy, traditionally the dinner of Christmas Eve, is dominated of fish dishes.

Especially in the South, the dinner in this day is a ritual. I come from a port city, so fish is the main feature of the meal, from the appetizers to the main courses.

One of classic fish appetizer is shrimp cocktail.

This is a typical holidays’ appetizer. Today’s Christmas recipe is shrimp cocktail indeed.

Shrimp cocktail is my favorite appetizer because as well as being very yummy is also a creative food serving idea!

Servings 2


200 grams of Frozen shrimps

4 tbs of Mayonnaise

1 tbs of Ketchup

Lettuce (some leaves)


  1. Defrost the shrimps, then boil them for 3-4 minutes in a pot with water. When they are ready,  drain them with e colander and  let cool them.
  2. Make cocktail sauce, mixing ketchup and mayo. When shrimps are cold, mix them in the sauce.alt="Step 1-2-3"
  3. Wash the lettuce under fresh water and dry the leaves with paper towel. Chop the lettuce.alt="Step 4-5-6"
  4. With round shape pastry cutter, lay the ingredients into layers:
  • First layer, chopped lettuce
  • Second layer, shrimp cocktail
  1. Remove the pastry cutter and serve shrimp cocktail cold.

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