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Italian Dessert Special Recipe

Cannoli Napoleons

Something special to do with pizzelles!When making pizzelles my recipe will make around10 dozen, so I will save a dozen and make this special dessertwhich is always a big hit.   SERVING: Serves 6  INGREDIENTS: 1 15 OZ CONTAINER RICOTTA…

Italian Dessert Special Recipe

Italian Chocolate Mousse

 Sometimes we all need just a little chocolate!   INGREDIENTS: 1 CUP (6 oz) SEMISWEET DARK CHOCOLATE  3 CUPS HEAVY CREAM – divided  2 TBS SUGAR  ¼ CUP FRANGELICO LIQUEUR  COCOA POWDER – for topping  EXTRA WHIPPED CREAM – for garnishing …

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A Traditional French Potato Pie

Here is the traditional french potato pie. An excellent dish when you want to impress!   INGREDIENTS: 1 ½ LBS YUKON GOLD POTATOES  2 SHEETS PUFF PASTRY  2 ONIONS  2 GARLIC CLOVES  1 ¼ CUPS HEAVY CREAM  1 EGG YOLK  …

Special Recipe

Shrimp Ricotta Mousse

Sformato di Ricotta Con Gamberi   Sformato is essentially a flan!    INGREDIENTS: 2 Zucchini – coarsely chopped  2 Shallots – coarsely chopped 3 tbs extra virgin olive oil – divided 1 ½ cups whole milk ricotta – drained 3…

Italian Dinner Special Recipe

How to make Potato Pudding

The Potato Pudding. This is great addition to any meal and perfect for a company dish.Sometimes you just need another quick dish to compliment a meal. INGREDIENTS: ½ cup vegetable oil or duck fat 1 large onion – app.…

Special Recipe

How to make Swiss Chard and Potato Side dish

Here are two great summer side dishes, the Swiss Chard and Potato. A simple side dish perfect to accompany a grilled entrée.  Swiss chard comes in a rainbow of colors with red, yellow, and orange stems in   addition to…