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Italian Seafood
Featured Italian Seafood

A Crazy Good Crawfish Etoufee

“Beads and Bling – It’s a Mardi Gras Thing”! Enjoy a sense of Mardi Gras without leaving home! Make this delicious New Orleans treat, blow up a few balloons, put on a fancy mask, toss some confetti and enjoy.…

Italian Party

Celebrating Carnevale 2022

Huge parties that occur throughout Italy!   Carnevale in Italy, as in many cities throughout Europe is celebrated prior to Ash Wednesday and Lent. The biggest and most exciting time of Carnevale is Shrove Tuesday when people will be…

Italian Dessert
Featured Italian Dessert

How To Make A Tasty Cenci

These traditional sweets vary from region to region and are known in a variety of names such as, cenci (rags), modi (knots), sfrappole (bits and pieces) chiacchiere (gossips) and so on and so on. My Little Nonna, born in…