Celebrating Carnevale 2022

Italian Party
Huge parties that occur throughout Italy!
Carnevale in Italy, as in many cities throughout Europe is celebrated prior to Ash Wednesday and Lent. The biggest and most exciting time of Carnevale is Shrove Tuesday when people will be celebrating with artistic masks and colorful parades, music, parties and special foods. It is a time for indulgence and many fried sweet foods are on the menu. Viareggio. On the coast of Italy, where one of my uncles was born, has a notable Carnevale each year. Starting in the late1800’s by the rich bourgeois class who wanted to freely express their discontent of high taxes, today the attitude continues with massive paper mache masks satirizing big political and cultural names. The floats are massive, brightly colored and are the most famous of all. However, come midnight of Martedi Grasso, Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, the town bells ring throughout most towns in Italy to herald the end of feasting. And now Lent begins on Wednesday with ashes being distributed in all the churches throughout Italy.

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