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101-Year-Old Man Beats Coronavirus Becoming the Oldest Italian to Recover

A 101-year-old Italian man who has survived the 1918 flu, a World War, has now survived the coronavirus too, becoming the oldest in Italy to recover from the disease.

The patient known as “Mr. P” was admitted last week to Infirmi Hospital in Rimini, Italy after testing positive for COVID-19. Mr. P was born in 1919, as the 1918 flu pandemic — which would go on to kill an estimated 600,000 Italians — was in full-swing.

And on Wednesday night, more than a hundred years later, Mr. P was discharged from the hospital, and taken home by his family.

On Friday, Italy announced that it has recorded its deadliest day so far since the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic began in the country, with a total of 969 new deaths being recorded in the last twenty-four hours alone.

According to Italy’s ANSA news agency, there have now been 9,134 deaths in Italy due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The nation of Italy also recorded 5,959 new CIVID-19 coronavirus cases today.

On a brighter side of this tragedy, 10,950 people have recovered after contracting the coronavirus, a figure higher by 589 individuals than yesterday’s total of survivors.



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